• Get it into your head 

    Accredited Academics through Global University (additional cost) - put in link

    You can earn your bachelor's degree!  Dr. Horton has been adjunct faculty with Global University for over 20 years!


    Get your heart right

    Growing in your spiritual journal through Spiritual formation - Character Development - Discipleship - Experience supernatural Inner Healing - and Discover your spiritual gift and how to discern the voice and word of God!


    Get your hands dirty

    - Practical "how to" experience

    - This is where you will put into practice what you're going to learn

    - You will see the supernatural through every day events!   

  • Lifestyle Evangelism

    Learning how to minister through the miraculous in every day events


    Cross Cultural Missions

    Being Immersed in another culture and how to reach the lost and see miracles

    Creative Worship

    We serve a creative God and He desires for us to use our creativity to worship Him!


    Vocational Ministry

    Everyone is called - Some are called to vocational Ministry

    At BSSM we will equip you with the skills, knowledge and character to enter into vocational full time ministry!

    1. 1st Term
      SEPT 5 - NOV 12
    2. 2nd Term
      Jan 9 - Apr 1
    3. 3rd Term
      Apr 10 - June 30
      July 8-13

    At the end of successfully completing three terms

    a student can apply for ordination with

    CGIA (Church Growth International of the Americas) 

    This organization was founded by

    Assembly of God Pastor, Dr. Yongi Cho, 

    Pastor of the worlds largest church. 

    CGIA is led by Dr. Bob Rodgers of Evangel Prayer Center in Louisville Kentucky.

    Ordination will occur during Branded By Fire, 

    the youth conference at Brownsville.

  • - $650 per term 

    - Global University

    These courses are some of the most inexpensive accredited education you can get


    - Missions Trips

    Any missions trip each student must pay their own cost.

    - Ordination through CGIA has a small application and renewal fee