what to expect/frequently asked questions

Welcome Home!
Please contact us with any additional questions you have. 

  • when are your services?

    We have services every Sunday morning at 10:30am.

    Small Groups start at 9am and are open to everyone! 

    Visit our Ministries page for information on which groups we have available. 

  • Where do i go if i'm new?

    We are located at the corner of Y st and Cervantes St. We suggest parking in the large front parking lot. Coming in the main front doors. There will be our Red Carpet Team that will welcome you and answer any questions that you have. If you are looking for a spot to sit or a small group they will be happy to guide you in the right direction. 

  • how do i get connected?

    We suggest joining our Newcomer class with our Senior Pastor, Evon Horton. It meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm in his office. He will walk you through how to become a member and get involved. He will direct you towards which small group would fit you best. We want you to feel connected and at home here. 

  • can anyone join a small group?

    Yes! Anyone can join a small group at any time! There are certain groups that are for men or women only. So check our ministries page


    We have a safe, clean, and secure area for Nursery Children ages 0-5 and Mighty One's for K-5th grade. 

    Located outside & to the right of the Main Sanctuary. 

    Mighty One's Children's Ministry provides Bible based songs, stories and crafts. Don't forget the indoor playground! 

    Contact our children's Pastor Elizabeth Medero for further questions or information. 

  • is the sanctuary open during the week?

    The Sanctuary is open many times during the week. 

    Open to everyone!

    Mondays - 9am - Praying for Requests

    Tuesdays -  6am - Praying with the Senior Pastor

    Wednesdays - 6pm-8pm - Open during our Family Night Service for prayer

    Fridays - 7pm - Praying for needs

  • Is revival still happening?

    God is still here and miracles are still happening every Sunday. Come and experience the strong anointing of his Holy Spirit. 

  • do you still have tapes from the revival?

    Yes we do! We have every service recorded on DVD since Father's Day 1995.

    You can e-mail our Distributor Manager Ms. Anna to find a certain service if you would like to purchase one. 

  • do you have a food pantry?

    Yes, we do have a food pantry.

    It is open during our office business hours.

    Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 4:30pm

    You do not need ID. 

    We are based off of donations, so food items do vary. 

    We are always accepting donations!