our staff

Get to know our Pastoral and Ministry team.

  • dr. evon & deborah horton

    senior pastors

    Evon has been the pastor of Brownsville assembly since September 2006. He commented, "The moment I stepped into the sanctuary at Brownsville I sensed the Spirit of the Lord in a powerful way." He believes the move of the God at Brownsville is continuing. Not necessarily in the same manner, but in a way of speaking into the surrounding community, as well as the Pensacola Gulf/Bay Area.  

  • Ben & Ursula Kiesler

    Worship PASTOR 

    Pastor Ben was raised in church his whole life, but when he was 16, he fully committed his heart to Christ. He attended Brownsville Revival School of Ministry in Pensacola, FL where he and his wife, Ursula met. They were married in 2005 and began their journey in ministry. 

    In 2015, they started their Christian apparel company, NspiredDesigns.

    Ben and Ursula have three children, Grace, Faith & Daniel.

    Ben’s passion is pursuing the presence of the Lord in worship and seeing revival empower the Church.

  • Elizabeth & Juan Medero

    children's Pastor

    Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Education Degree from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida and has taught Kindergarten for several years. She has taken a sabbatical from her teaching career to devote time exclusively to ministry at Brownsville Assembly. Her past volunteer experiences include organizing summer VBS programs as well as summer teaching excursions to a China orphanage. Her other passions include her husband Juan, daughter Charlotte and son Ethan.

  • chuck & rhonda brewster

    associate pastors

    Rev. Charles A. (Chuck) Brewster founded Champions of Honor in January 2005. This ministry is focused upon men and their relationship with God, their families, their church and their community. Chuck also consults on church security issues and has formed a company,The Brewster Group. Chuck and his wife, Rhonda, speak at various functions and conferences nationally and internationally. Prior to coming to ministry in 1998, Chuck served twenty-three years as a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service. His duties ranged from assignments with the President and Vice-President to coordinating security for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and the 1992 Democratic National Convention. He had been assigned to various offices in his career, but retired as the Special Agent in Charge of the Seattle Field Office.

  • terry & Rosemary van gilder

    associate pastors

    Terry and Rosemary began fulfilling their call in pastoral ministry in 1978, attending Asbury Theological Seminary from which Terry received his Master of Divinity degree. In the beginning their pastoral assignments were with small congregations. Now, more than 25 years of pastoring a variety of congregations from the small town, where you can become pastor to the whole community, to the bigger city churches and interacting with pastors of all denominations. While participating in the Brownsville Revival the Holy Spirit reignited new fire in them in Pensacola, Florida. Through their ministry Terry has preached, taught and counseled on hundreds of subjects and events. Finding himself a pastor in the need of victory many years ago, he discovered freedom to live victoriously through applying the Word in his life. Their lives are transparent and the teachings are practical and can be applied in everyday life. It is all under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Their testimony is truly the saving work of Jesus Christ. They believe, teach, and live the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven and no matter anyone's background or mistakes, God has a place for them in His purpose and can help them on their path to enjoying their call to ministry in everyday life.

  • Gabe & emily suarez

    TECH SUPERVISOR & women's ministries 

    Gabe and Emily were both raised in church and at a young age were called to ministry.

    Gabe has an Associates of Applied Science in Digital Video Technology and an Associates of Applied Science in Network Administration. He is our head Tech Supervisor and has been at Brownsville for over 25 years. 

    Emily started as a volunteer in Nursery, and has walked through every door that God has opened to her. She is now the Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor, as well as Women's Ministry Pastor. Both of them feel very blessed to be apart of the Brownsville Ministry Team and love seeing God do amazing work here at Brownsville!